Get the new Teams preview version

Microsoft has unveiled a preview edition of their revamped Teams application. This updated version pledges a significant reduction in memory consumption by up to 50%, and is poised to deliver enhanced speed and performance. Yet, arguably the most notable upgrade is the capability to simultaneously log into multiple accounts, ensuring comprehensive notification coverage across all linked accounts.

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Regrettably, you can’t simply download the application and test it yourself. The application’s accessibility is facilitated through an update service, and managed by your organization. Nonetheless, nothing is stopping you from creating your own organization.  For the scope of this tutorial, I presume you have already set up your own development tenant. If not, you can request an instant sandbox at Developer Program | Microsoft 365 Dev Center

  • Log in to your private tenant’s Microsoft Teams admin dashboard at 
  • From the left side menu, choose ‘Teams’ -> ‘Teams update policies’ and click ‘Add’ to create a new one.
  • Name your policy something like ‘Public preview’ and select ‘Enabled’ from the ‘Allow public preview’ dropdown menu. Confirm your choice to create the policy.
  • Select the newly created policy and click ‘Assign users’ in the command bar.
  • In the side panel, type the name of the account you will use to log in to Teams, and add it to the policy. I’ve conducted a few tests and found out that the policy was applied instantly, but keep in mind it may take some time.
  • Log in to Teams with the account you have configured. If you are already logged in, please log out and log back in.
  • Click the ellipsis icon near your profile picture, select ‘About’, then ‘Public preview’.
  • A pop-up will inform you that the new version may be unstable and have some faults. Confirm this if you wish. I know you will! 🙂
  • The new control ‘Try the new Teams’ will appear on the top left side of the window. Click it to activate the preview. Bear in mind that it will take some time to load during the first run. A small notification will inform you that the download is in progress.
  • You’re now all set to experience the new Teams! If you click on your profile picture, you can add additional accounts.

In conclusion, I would like to offer one additional piece of advice. Keep your developer account logged in. If you log out and only use the account provided by your client or employer, the app may revert to the old version, as dictated by the tenant policy.